5 Benefits Sports Mouth Guards

5 Benefits of Sports Mouth Guards

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Not sure if a mouth guard is right for you? Health Canada outlines their benefitsĀ of sports mouth guards:

  1. Mouth guards act as a cushion to redistribute the force of impact more evenly. They provide a barrier between your teeth and the soft tissue in and around your mouth. Studies have shown that mouth guards help prevent chipped or broken teeth and protect against cuts to lips, gums, and other soft tissue in the mouth area.
  2. Mouth guards protect you from injury and expense. A single blow to the mouth or jaw can cause serious dental damage that is painful and expensive to treat.
  3. Mouth guards come in many options. They vary in terms of cost, comfort and effectiveness. The ideal mouth guard is durable, resilient and comfortable. It should fit properly, be easy to clean and should not affect your ability to breathe or speak.
  4. Mouth guards protect against damage to braces. A blow to the mouth can damage the brackets and wires of braces, and can cause added damage (cuts and tears) to the soft tissue inside your mouth. Mouth guards are usually worn only on the upper teeth, but people with braces on their lower teeth should consider using one on both sets of teeth.
  5. Mouth guards can be custom made. These are prescribed and fitted by a dental professional. The process involves making a model of your teeth and then moulding the mouth guard material around the dental model to ensure a close and comfortable fit.

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