Philosophy & Approach

HootSmile Family Dentistry provides comprehensive services for optimum prevention and treatment of all kinds of dental issues.

We are a group of experienced dentists with shared values and passion for dentistry. We want to ensure you are educated about your oral health and treatment needs.

We want to help improve your oral health by empowering you with knowledge about your mouth and teeth, and deliver an outstanding dental care experience unlike any you’ve had before. This starts with simply taking the time to get to know you. We’ve built our office around the notion that “knowledge is power” and structured our schedule to allow ample opportunity to understand and address your needs.

We believe once people understand how their mouth works, they’ll want to take care of it. We help prevent problems before they happen and effectively resolve them when they do.

Proud to serve you since September 2016.

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The Team

We are a collection of tooth nerds, country music buffs, movie fans, outdoor adventurers and family folks who’ve come together to create a dental dream team. We love what we do because we get to help people every day. This makes us happy to come to work, and it shows in the way we do everything around the clinic.

From teaching tooth brushing to doing root canals, we are at our best when we’re helping you reach optimum oral health as comfortably and easily as possible. We use technology to make your dental experience an easy one, but we rely on the human touch to make it a great one.

Team Members

Our team bios are coming soon!

Dr. Hank HootSmile

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Dr. Hank HootSmile


Dr. Hank HootSmile is a Great Horned Owl from Big Hill Springs Provincial Park right here in Alberta. He loves pizza—that’s why he became a dentist, to help you take care of your teeth so you’ll always be able to bite into a hot, delicious slice of pizza pie. Book Hank to come to your school.