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Sparkling Drinks & Your Enamel

With all this talk around the water cooler about sugar consumption, many people have swapped their sugary beverages in for clear carbonated alternatives.

Floss Yourself Healthy

The last few years have brought some controversy to the topic of flossing. While one outcome of reports state that flossing is ineffective, it’s also been cited that these studies were quite narrow, and inconclusive…

Bruxism: It stops with awareness

Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching, that is unrelated to normal functions such as eating or talking.

Oral Health Education: Through a Great Horned Owl

Dear teachers, educators and principals, We love making presentations to classes, teams and organizations about oral health. We have a short presentation that will keep your kids interested and informed! This presentation is best for kids aged 5 – 9 but we can adapt to other ages as well. Each child… Continue Reading

Knowledge is Power: Why You Should Ask Questions

At HootSmile Family Dentistry, we provide comfortable, affordable dental care. Part of that comfort is the ability to talk about your treatment options. The Canadian Dental Association recommends asking questions, and we couldn’t agree more! It sounds simple enough, but sometimes we feel reluctant to ask questions. There is no… Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Sports Mouth Guards

Not sure if a mouth guard is right for you? Health Canada outlines their benefits of sports mouth guards: Mouth guards act as a cushion to redistribute the force of impact more evenly. They provide a barrier between your teeth and the soft tissue in and around your mouth. Studies have… Continue Reading

Oral Health Tips for Your Family

At HootSmile Family Dentistry, we believe your whole family should have a reliable, fun and professional dental partner to keep you happy and healthy. You’re already a role model for your kids—if they see you taking great care of your teeth they’ll want to do the same! Your baby’s first visit… Continue Reading